Welcome to the Biorepository Core Web Site

The CHOP Biorepository Core (BioRC) will serve to collect and organize biospecimens from investigators across the Research Institute. With a capacity for approximately 2-3 million samples, the facility is designed to serve all of CHOP's biobanking needs, avoiding specimen duplication, preserving precious materials, and providing broad access to data and materials. The BioRC storage facility is located in a 2956 sq ft temperature controlled, card access facility on the A-Level of the Colket Translational Research Building. The heart of the BioRC storage facility is the REMP Mid-Size Store (MSS) for storage of DNA samples. The REMP MSS holds up to 17,472 plates in 96 matrix tube formats, translating to 1.7 million DNA samples in a carefully monitored minus 20℃ temperature and humidity-controlled environment. The BioRC also has storage capacity for 150,000 vapor phase liquid N2 (-196℃) samples and 120,000 minus 80℃ samples (RNA, tissue, plasma, serum, etc.), with room for expansion. All specimens within the CHOP BioRC are tracked through the sophisticated Thermo Nautilus Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Nautilus LIMS is an enterprise Oracle database LIMS system that facilitates tracking of specimens and specimen data through their functional lifetime, including acquisition, 2D-barcoding, storage, processing, testing, and QC. The BioRC's laboratory space is located in 1103 Abramson Research Center and is outfitted for sample accession, processing, extraction and temporary storage.